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We are happy that you are here. Our garage door repair service in Davie can help you by offering a top quality work at the most competitive price in Davie and Broward county. Our technicians are super helpful and will give you the best solution on all your garage door problems that fits your budget. At garage door repair in Davie, our service techs will make every effort to be at your house as soon as possible and get you the help you need. We discuss and explain your garage door repair needs and costs to make you feel comfortable and secure about our prices and service. FL Garage Door Depot of Davie and Broward have 100% happy customers. If any of our Warranted parts fail, or wears out prematurely it will be replaced at NO CHARGE! No hidden fees, no nonsense! We are a loyal Garage Door company that truly stands behind our products and service!

 Feel free to give us a call today at 954-446-8599 Davie garage door company appreciates your business.



Davie Garage Door provides Services  and  maintenance for all kinds of garage doors and openers. our experience technicians available 24 hours a day to help you out of troubled door and opener problem. Davie garage door technicians are professionally trained in all aspects of installation and repair of garage doors and garage door opener systems. Our trucks always fully equipped and we fix and repair your garage door right on the first time.

call us now at 954-446-8599 we can handle all your garage door needs and be happy to help.


Our Garage Door Repair Specialists in Davie can help with broken springs in no time. Garage door springs are the most important and the most dangerous part in your garage door. When a garage door spring breaks, the door will become very heavy and put a lot of stress on the opener. It's almost impossible to open a garage door manually and it can be also dangerous. A garage door spring replacement require the knowledge of a trained professional and the right tools. Its very important to know what spring size your garage door takes and the proper tools to use. All new garage door springs have the sizes marked on it. When the springs are old, a special tool is needed to determine the spring size. Most double garage doors have two springs that garage door contractors installed when the house was built. When one spring breaks it is safe to say that the second springs life expectancy will just about expire too. Our suggestion is to have both springs replaced at the same time. It usually works out cheaper in the long run and saves you time and money.

Call us now at 954-446-8599 for a top quality and fast service.



The price of a Garage Door spring is depend on the size and weight of your garage door. Heavier door take a bigger spring. Garage door spring price can run from $140 to $160 changing two garage door springs can cost $280 to $320. Our garage door company in Davie appreciate your business and always have springs coupons and specials.


Need new garage door replacement? FL Garage Door depot in Davie are proud to offer top brand name garage doors and replacement parts. We carry a wide range of new garage doors at wholesale price, from top leading manufacturers in Davie and Broward.  if you looking for a hurricane proof door replacement or garage door parts, we have it all. Davie garage door is your best choice for quality repair and new garage door installation that meets your budget. Our technicians are professional and highly trained to make sure you get top quality garage door replacement services. For a quote on your new garage door replacement you will need to provide us your door size and style. Call FL garage door depot for reliable and the most efficient garage door replacement services in the Davie.

Call 954-446-8599 to discuss your concern. we’ll be happy to answer your questions and give you free quote on the project too.

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When it comes to Garage Doors and Openers, you can trust FL Garage Door Depot to handle all of your Garage Door needs. If your garage door opener is to old, the best choice will be to get a new one. we carry a line of garage door openers for you to chose from with unmatched quality and Warranty. If you need a extra opener remote, keyless entry, garage door opener sensors or any opener parts, we got you covered! feel free to call us today. Our superior quality and dependability have made us the number 1 professionally installed Garage Doors openers in Davie and Broward area. We service and repair most brands of garage doors and openers in the market. Most garage door openers come with safety and security features. LiftMaster garage door openers is our best seller. Do to their long life dependability and warranty, it just an excellent choice.
Our Technicians are trained and certified to fix and repair damaged opener, maintenance, installation, and replacement of all types of garage doors in Davie FL

Call Davie Garage Door service today at 954-446-8599

Garage Door Repair and Maintenance Can Save You Money

Garage door maintenance on a regular basis will help to prevent further damage to the garage door and automatic opener. Catching the problems early enough can save you money and future damage to the opener and other parts of the garage door.


FL Garage Door Depot guarantee that your experience with our Company will be professional and you will not find a better value on any product we offer. Our Company was built on top quality work and service, giving each customer what they deserve, a great product at a fair price always!

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Liftmaster 8360 Opener 3/4 HP Chaine drive $429

liftmaster 8360

Liftmaster 3265 Opener 1/2 HP Chaine drive $370

(out of stock)

liftmaster 3265

Liftmaster 8165 Opener 1/2 HP Chaine drive $340

liftmaster 3255

double car garage door

double car garage door

16x7 $1480

hurricane door

broward county code approved!

Single Car Garage Door

single car garage door

8x7 $890

hurricane door  

broward county code approved!

9x7  $910   

hurricane door

 broward county code approved!


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