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Garage Door Tips

Garage Doors and Garage Door Openers Reasons Why You Need New Ones.

It goes up, it goes down. But a new garage door can do a much more than that. Here are a few reasons why you need a new garage door and garage door opener.

New garage doors can increase the value of your home.

75% of house owners who just lately changed their garage door, found increased value of their house and property, While country wide agents have been demonstrated “before” and “after” photos of houses, improved with brand new, fashionable garage door. they increased the list price of the home anywhere from 1 to 5 percent. That means a $2,000+ investment in a garage door could increase the sale value of your home by as much as $7,500 if you’re selling a $175,000 house.

New Garage Door can save you money.

The Federal Government’s Energy Advancement and also Expansion React of '08 runs taxes loans for energy effective residence improvements. This includes being qualified insulated garage doors. Which means that will adding a new garage door can save you cash by helping to lower home energy consumption and costs. it will help pay for itself this year through the tax credit incentive, worth up to $600.

New garage doors help you Lower The chance of a Crime.

According to statistics compiled by city law enforcement, about 45 percent of residential burglaries can be traced to an open or an unsecured garage door entrance. How many times have you gone in your house after working in your yard or carrying groceries out of your car and left the garage door open? The garage door industry shows that you Lower the Door on Crime in 2009 by making it a practice to always close and secure your garage door to protect the valuables in both your home and your garage. If you’re looking for helpful safety devices in order to remind you to close the door, may buy an wide open garage front door indicator which can be affixed to your door. When a garage door is left open, a warning gentle will show “open front door. ” House owners can sleep easy, knowing their garage door are closed and their families are safe and sound.

New garage door openers have a safety features.

Opener sensors – about five inches above the floor mounted on the tracks – send invisible beam across the door opening and provide protection against entrapment. If a door is closing and a child or pet runs underneath the door, the sensors beam breaks, causing the garage door to automatically reverse to opening position.

New garage door openers can open the door even during power outages.

Some of the new garage door openers come with a battery back-up system that allows you to use the garage door opener many times, even after the loss of power to your home. It’s a fantastic feature that prevents you from being trapped outside.

most garage doors today used as a front door.

nationwide survey involving shoppers stated that 73 percent of householders homeowners use their garage door openers to get into their homes every day, more typically than the main door entrance. The real key to the home has become the garage door remote control and keyless entry.

New garage doors can be with style and declaration for your home

more and more People are turning into far more design mindful when replacing their garage doors. On many American homes, the garage door claims a third of the façade, so it’s a snap to quickly makeover the look of your whole house. You can easily increase curb appeal when you choose from hundreds of different looks in elegant and stylish carriage house, contemporary or raised panel doors.

New garage doors replacement should be installed by a professional

Don’t try to install the garage door yourself. It’s a complex and dangerous task. Garage door springs are under extreme pressure and, if not handled properly, can release with enough power to seriously harm or kill someone. special tools and training are needed; therefore, it’s highly recommended that you have a garage door professional who can do the job in just a few hours and haul the old door away. The cost of installation is well worth it. Find a professional near you and let them handle the task.