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Garage doors are one of the most important things in your home that need regular maintenance in order to keep working properly. Since garage doors have moving parts, there are a number of things that can go wrong that can make the doors not work the way they should. There are many garage door services that will repair your door quickly for an affordable cost. However, often times the fix is very simple and just requires you to do garage door troubleshooting to determine what the cause of the problem is.

Common Garage Door Problems

One of the main things that go wrong with a garage doors are the door does not open or close all the way. There are many reasons why this problem occurs for example; it could be the garage door springs, or something as simple as the safety sensors are being blocked which makes it think that there is something or someone underneath the garage door. The safety sensor is located at the bottom of the garage door a few inches off the ground. When something is blocking this, the garage door will not open and close properly. Another cause of a garage door not opening or closing properly is dead batteries in the remote. When batteries become old they are not as powerful anymore and are unable to power the garage door like it should.

When your garage door decides not to open and close properly, here is what you should check for:

Check to make sure nothing is blocking the safety sensors. Make sure they are facing each other and check for broken wires or shorted wires. When the garage door opener has a sensor problem, you will need to hold the operation button on the wall in order to close the door. When you try to use the remote control, the garage door will shake (like its trying to operate) and the opener light will flash. Make sure the remote has good batteries in it. Check the garage door springs. Check to make sure the door is still on the track and the cables are secure on the drums.


Liftmaster, Sears Craftsman And Chamberlain Openers

These types of openers can have stripped gear problems. These types of openers are very reliable and long lasting openers. However, when the gear becomes stripped it is the result of the garage door being off balance. Door out of balance means that the garage door springs are not doing there job. It could be a broken spring, wrong spring on the door, or old springs that lost there lifting power. To recognize an opener with a striped gear its fairly easy. You can hear the opener motor running but it doesn't pull the chain or belt.  The garage door will not open or close. Shredded plastic gears are a common problem with chain-driven garage door openers like Craftsman, Chamberlain and Liftmaster openers.

Stanley Garage Door Opener

Most common problems with Stanley openers are broken gear housing. Most Stanley garage door openers are old and its hard to get parts for them. The cheapest solution for Stanley openers is to replace them with a new garage door opener.

craftsman opener striped gear

Genie Garage Door Opener

Genie screw drive openers have a carriage that runs along a threaded steel rod. The most common problem with this type of opener is the carriage. If the carriage damaged or stripped its going to sound like the garage door opener is going to rip its self off the ceiling wile trying to pull the door up. One other genie screw drive problem is stripped coupler assembly, a thing which grabs the screw drive and rolls it back and forth to raise and lower the door. This is located inside the motor assembly. If its Genie, LiftMaster, chamberlain or craftsman, the problem may be simple as disengaging the emergency release cord and pressing the lever back into position until your hear or feel it click into the right place.

genie garage door opener carriage

Garage door won’t close all the way.

The close limit switch need to be adjusted. If not, try to see if the door is binding when raised and lowered manually.

Garage door reverses immediately after hitting floor

The close limit switch probably needs adjusting

Garage door reverses before hitting floor

The close travel limit or force limit need to be adjusted. if light is flashing on the opener, check sensors.

Garage door does not open completely

The limit switch may need to be moved toward motor unit on Genie screw drive openers. other openers, travel or force adjustment need to be done. could be a broken spring too.

Garage door opener safety

A garage door is the largest moving object in the home. An improperly adjusted garage door opener can exert deadly force when the door is closes- which could lead to entrapment of children or adults and subsequent injury or death from asphyxiation.


Safety Is Everyone's Business

Automatic garage door openers are installed in millions of household. proper installation, operation, maintenance and testing of the garage door and automatic opener are necessary for safety. An improperly adjusted garage door opener can exert deadly force when the door is closes. This could lead to serious injury or death from being hit by a closing garage door or from becoming trapped under the door. Careless operation and allowing children to play or use garage door opener control are dangerous situations that can lead to tragic result. precautions can protect your family and friends from potential harm.