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Question: Can I install a garage door opener myself?

Installing or replacing a garage door opener is not to difficult of a job. Garage door opener manufacturers make both do-it-yourself and professional models of their products. The DIY versions can fit into the trunk of a car and include detailed instructions.

Question: How long will it take me to install a new garage door opener?

Plan on half a day for the job. For professional garage door technician it can take about 30-40 min. When replacing a garage door opener with a similar model, you probably use existing brackets, which could make the job easier and faster.

Question: Are professional-grade garage door openers better than DIY-grade?

Professional units generally have a single-piece rail, which is best transported in a truck. chain driven openers will usually involve the use of half chain and half cable on a DIY model versus a completely solid chain on a professional model. if you plan on purchasing Home improvement model and then having someone install it for you, you will end up paying the same price as a professional grade, professionally installed product.


Since 1993 garage door openers have been required to be equipped with a safety sensors and reversing mechanism. This feature utilizes two sensors about five inches above floor on both sides of the door. When any object, such as a child or pet, runs through the sensors light beam while the door is closing, the door immediately stops and reverses to opening position. If your garage door opener is older then 1993 and does not have a safety reversing feature, replacing the opener is highly recommended.


Older garage door openers were vulnerable to thieves. Their remote controls functioned with a set code, someone with a special device called "code grabber", could be outside your house and copy your remote control code. Now they have access to your house, they can open and close your garage door at any time they like. New garage door openers have a “rolling code technology” feature, which changes the code every time the remote control  is used. Bad guys can no longer duplicate or copy the code and get into your garage.